Body Leads, Mind Follows

The reason why this statement is bold and front and centre is for one reason alone.
Martial Art's is a doing thing. It's not a thinking thing. What this means is it's Kinetic in nature. You learn through moving, as instructors we teach through moving.

However, most things that we do in life are approached from a mindset of;

  1. Think first
  2. Act second

We Need To Think About The Thing Before We Do It. Do not misunderstand me if you believe I am saying we should always Think before you act, or even think I have a problem with thinking before acting. I whole heatedly support this statement. However, there are pitfalls to this approach for many of us at times. We infer that our "Thinking" about something is actually the way something actually is. Those that are new with training, step into the gym with a whole host of different opinions and impressions on themselves and about training in general. When it comes to Martial Arts, you are doing yourself a huge disservice to take this approach.

As an instructor I hear a lot of reasons someone will make when it comes to doing and not doing Martial Arts For Example:

  • It's only for fighters
  • It's too violent 
  • It's too hard
  • I hear it's great Cardio
  • I want to be a fighter
  • It will teach my children Discipline  
  • I'm not in shape for this. I need to get in shape first to do this.
  • classes are too long 
  • I am not an Athlete I might get Injured

The ideas and impressions we shape before actually trying in Martial Art's is numerous and vast. But they are simply ideas and impressions.

These things are not Real

Before we actually begin training we have already set limits to what we can do, and how well we will be at it. Often times, we set such low standards for ourselves that we have defeated ourselves before we have even stepped into the gym. That is why the standard is

 The body leads, the mind follows.

Before we set an idea of what it is. You must first "Do" the actual thing first and then set your impressions about it along the way.Our bodies are real tangible things and we must use them. Improvement is experienced in the body.

Do First and build your opinion along the way!

When the body improves, the mind has data that verifies the training's utility. So  go into  training without any presuppositions about what we can do. It might sound very cheesy but,

Free your Mind, and your body will do the rest.

There are many benefits to practicing Martial Arts such as:

  • A way to Loose Weight and get into Shape
  • A perfect stress Reliever 
  • Way to cultivate Discipline 
  • Meet people from all Walks of Life
  • Challenge Yourself 

But as I have stated in the previous paragraphs, these are merely just words. Martial Art's is a doing thing. You will not learn any of these things by me simply talking about it. Hence the Body Leads in doing, the Mind follows. Check us out and sign up for a week of Free Classes. See you soon.

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Kru Ryan