The learning of Martial Arts begins with AWARENESS. Martial Arts is an art of Movement. It is a DOING thing. Skill cannot be learned nor improved without being aware of what your doing.  If you are unaware of yourself and your  surroundings, no set of techniques will help you defend yourself.

But in general how aware are we? How aware are you of yourself? How aware are you of the friends and family you keep close? How aware are you of the environment that you expose yourself to on a daily basis?

The beautiful thing about Muay Thai is that it forces you to be AWARE. At every stage of the training process you are forced to be PRESENT and in the MOMENT. 

1. When physically conditioning your body, the program is far too challenging for you to be focusing on anything else but training. You are doing various movements, ranging from easy to difficult exercises at different speeds and tempos. Too much is happening for your mind to be anywhere else but in the moment.

2. The learning of technique requires the student to be focused and engaged in the process. Failure to be aware of whats happening will result in injuring yourself  or your partner, through improper technique. Nothing brings someone more to the present than getting hit in the face. 

In our current situation in society, we are constantly inundated with information, and things that will pull our attention into various directions without a destination in sight. These various things have made us become very BUSY people, but not necessarily PRODUCTIVE people.  Awareness is needed now more than ever in our society. Our aim at Richmond Hill Muay Thai is to give back your awareness for the time you are with us.

So while at the gym. Turn your phones off and check your egos at the door. Your focus should only be to become stronger and build skill. All else leave it at the door. Your mind will thank you for this.

Kru Ryan