Muay Thai For Kids!

It has certainly been a bit of time since I last put, fingers to keys and typed out a post. Forgive me for my absence. Life has been an amazing journey for the past couple of months, and I'm finally in a space where I can spend some time and reflect on what has happened so far.


My big announcement that I have been working on is that Richmond Hill Muay Thai has it's first set of kids to teach! It has been a very important goal for me to get that program up and running. Strangely enough, it was pretty much at the very same time I was discussing this with the building supervisor to get that underway; I received a call from the city of Richmond Hill requesting that I teach a kids and teens class in the upcoming week. The interesting thing about this was that I said yes to it even before I knew any of the details.

  1. I didn't know what days I would be teaching
  2. Did not know where I would be teaching
  3. Did not know how many students I would have.

To me all of these things were minor things that I would sort out. But I was determined to see this through. Call it faith, but I knew that it wold work out in some way. I just had to be willing to jump. I had asked for this new challenge for the next step into the growth of Richmond Hill Muay Thai. I just needed to see this through. I will never forget what my Kru told me with regards to new endeavors:

We Get what we have the Leverage to ask for.


As it so happens, everything has worked out very nicely irregardless of me not knowing all the specifics to this new initiative. What was important was that I rose to the occasion. I jumped. You won't know all the steps ahead of you. That is why hindsight is always so much clearer. You simply have to jump into things some times in your life, and know that everything will work itself out. Life is so much more fun that way! Until next time people!

Kru Ryan