Steps and Stages

It was late December, and I was just finishing up my last class for the year. I thought I would feel some type of feeling of relief and accomplishment. I've accomplished quite a bit this past year in all aspects of my life. I increased my work flow and clients exactly as I had pictured it when I was  writing down my goals for 2015.

  1. Fought in some pretty high level Fights
  2. Read at least one book a week 
  3. Got my finances in order
  4. Expanded my teaching resume 
  5. Learned how to teach more effective classes
  6. Replaced my old vehicle
  7. Posted every week on my blog Synergy Life Art for an entire year
  8. Got some great mentors

I hit many of the goals I had set out to do in 2015. But, after that class I felt somewhat upset and frustrated. I couldn't really explain why. I had been feeling pretty out of it for the past couple of months leading up to that day, and I couldn't pin point why? Why do I feel so dissatisfied with myself?  I sat with that question for a bit, and I came across this video of Kevin Garnet, and it finally hit me.  

I’m Loosing!!

I was doing what I set out to do for this year, but I wasn't doing what I needed to do to take myself to the next stage of my life. I was always simply just waiting by the door. I had checked out a space for a possible gym location in which I could begin Richmond Hill Muay Thai. I brought it to my Kru, and we talked about it for a bit. When I left his office I was pretty much certain that it was the wrong move to make. Not because what he had said. My Kru actually thought it was a really good idea. But for some reason I could not see it. I sat on it for a bit and asked myself,  

Why was it a Bad Option?


I came up with all types of reasons why, and they all sounded very valid and fair. But then I decided to ask myself the question, "Why are you making reasons not to take this opportunity?"  I held that question in my mind for a few days and really sought out to answer that question. Again I had many reasons why I was thinking that way. 

Then something in me just said,


So on Christmas Eve I decided to give myself my own Christmas present. I decided to finally put my name down on a place, and begin  Richmond Hill Muay Thai. I can honestly say it has been a very insightful and energetic experience to be in. I can't really describe it, but life really opened up. A whole new host of challenges have popped up, and I'm knocking each of them down, every single day. I finally asked for something more, and I got exactly that. 


Steps and Stages

Steps and Stages

Sometimes in life you are at the right stage in your life and you simply need to keep creating and completing steps in the stage you are in. Other times you simply need to change or ascend into a different stage in your life. No amount of steps will make you feel fulfilled if you need change the stage you are in in life. It also holds true with the reverse. Some times impatience makes us try and ascend to a different stage in our life, when we simply needed to make small steps in the stage we are currently in. The result of these moves is dissatisfaction and or disaster. I propose that we cultivate awareness within ourselves to know which move we need to make. But it all begins with movement. No step or stage will be reached without any movement. So join me on this movement.  Make a move!

Richmond Hill Muay Thai Feb.3rd 2016 


Kru Ryan

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