Kru (Instructor) Ryan James


Hello, my name is Kru Ryan James and I am a Martial Artist and the Chief Instructor of Richmond Hill Muay Thai. 

My journey into the Arts began when I was a young adolescent entering into University. I needed to do something  outside of school to keep the stresses of school life in check. I

At the end of my academic stay I had options as to where I could go next. I could either have gone to Graduate Studies or Law School, either of which would have seemed to be great options. However, throughout my post secondary education I was:

  • Depressed

  • Very  Stressed Out

  • Overweight 

  • Developed Poor Eating Habits 

  • Suffered from severe lack of sleep

I simply sat back and asked myself,

"If this is what I really want, why do I feel the way I feel now?"

  • I should be happy I've made it into these other programs. However, I was rather indifferent about these accomplishments.

  • I had spent years developing the knowledge and skills I would need to go into the field of my choosing.

  • I had met the requirements to take myself to the next level.

  • I should have been proud of myself.

But I did not care at all about this accomplishment. Something was missing, and I just couldn't put my finger on it. What I did realize was that this state of depression and apathy is something that was not going to go away any time soon. I was in a crisis at this point of my life. I knew I could not continue with how things were going. I had to make a change. So I asked myself honestly and candidly: 

What is one thing you could do all day, and be happy and proud to be doing it?

To me it was Martial Arts. So I dedicated myself to the art and craft of Muay Thai. Now this is not a, "And everything was great. The End! type of story". I've learned and experienced many painful things through this process. What I've come to learn is that our lives are a collection of choices. I chose to dedicate myself to Martial Arts.

Life has provided me with choices that would shape me into the person I needed to be. I chose to be in the field of improvement and building people. It's been very difficult, but the life experiences I've acquired are truly some of the greatest things I have, and I am thankful and happy with the journey so far. My aim is to build human beings.

I've dedicated my life to this simply because it saved me. I was unhealthy, depressed and felt lost in my life. It was through Martial Art's that I was able to redefine my purpose, and put myself on the path of healthy living.  My highest aim with Richmond Hill Muay Thai, is to create the same opportunity for others, to lives more healthy, empowered and driven lives. They might not be champions in the sports, but they can be masters of their own lives outside of the training hall. The culture of Richmond Hill Muay Thai is focused around one simple thing. Improvement.

Kru Ryan